Home insurance protection is valuable for all homeowners. The size or location of the home is unimportant when deciding if a policy is needed. The simple answer is that you always need a policy in place to provide financial protection in the event of disaster at your property.

But, do you know all of the damage that your policy covers? So many homeowners make the mistake of not reading between the lines to learn the full details of their policy and miss out on many of the protections offered. Do not include yourself in such a group. We’ve listed some of the little known benefits of a home insurance policy below, although these are only some of the many benefits that people are missing out on because they lack the knowledge of knowing that it is included in their policy! Read these little known benefits of homeowners insurance and make sure that you get a cheap homeowners insurance quote online and get the coverage that so greatly protects you!

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Pet Bite Losses

If you sustain an injury from a dog bite, the home insurance policy may cover the damages. On average, insurance claims for dog bites totaled more than $26,000 in medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. This is money out of your own pocket! You’ll be glad this protection was available should this tragedy occur to you.

Falling Debris Protection

Falling debris coverage is also included in many home insurance policies. This protection covers damages caused by any unexpected flying objects that land on your vehicle and damage the roof, windshield, or other parts.

Power Outage Damage

Power outages affect a home in many different ways. It is always frustrating, but sadly, oftentimes leads to actual damage. If a power outage causes food loss, homeowners insurance policies will cover up to $500 to replace the food that spoiled.

Take full advantage of your insurance policy by learning exactly what is covered before it is too late. Each company offers different inclusions in their policy. Speaking to your agent is the easiest way to learn exactly what is covered in your policy. And, if you’re in the market for a new policy, get a cheap homeowners insurance quote online after you learn the important details.