Wow! That’s quite a bold thing to be saying at this time! Well, it was never meant to be so pronounced, but it is, nevertheless, a statement of fact.

It is, by now, serving as welcome news for all those rare owners around the world of the famous Metropolitan classic car that they can now be served from one garage carrying its unique brand of nash metropolitan parts that can be shipped to any port in the world and fitted to any classic Metro, left hand or right side of the road drive.

The fast, regular and convenient supply of parts unique to the Metropolitan is accompanied by the best there is to offer in customer service. It does not matter whether the customer is Americanized or global, equal treatment applies. Customers, local, national or international, that continue to rely on a unique service provider have full confidence in knowing that they will always be getting the very best available parts for their special car.

That brings this short article around to an interesting but important point. The question may be on perfectionists’ lips or minds. Just how regular will the supply of new parts be? And will a regular supply even be necessary. Could it just be that specially made and custom made parts for the iconic Metropolitan will be lasting a lot longer than would be the case for average and everyday sedans, hatchbacks and trucks of the modern era. What do readers think about this then? It should go without saying that the engineers of classic cars regard their work as a labor of love.

This is no mass production line powered by robots and other process oriented laborers. It is a small assembly line run by a small team of fine craftsmen. How is it possible for a small team to service the world? Well, ask yourself this question then; just how many owners of Metropolitans are there out there in the world today. In comparison to the cars regularly seen on the roads, the club of owners would be rather small.

nash metropolitan parts

And that is not a bad way of putting it. Being part of a unique group of collectors.