May 2018

They are unwelcome guests in your home. That is putting things quite mildly, because just ask any homeowner who either deliberately surrounds himself with wood or who has no say in the matter of fixtures and fittings when renting his premises. Termites really know how to make themselves feel at home. It is unfortunate because they need wood in order to survive. Go to your forests and even there you will find them.

Unfortunately, the termites, if allowed to flourish, can do (and have done so) significant amounts of damage to natural environments as well. It would be too easy to say; let’s leave the size of this problem to the authorities. But no, whether you own your own home or are renting a place, even you are in a good position to finally nip this age old pestilential problem in the bud. Or should that be; in the bug. In today.

treat termites

But out tomorrow. Well, not quite, it takes at least three months to treat this pestilential issue effectively. So then, after all else has failed, this is how you treat termites. To all intents and purposes, you are acting with malicious intent. While termites, as formidable creatures of survival, have managed to adapt themselves quite well to the effects of toxic or chemical poisons, they do not stand a chance of survival after lapping up this next meal.

It turns out to be their last meal ever. The effects of this natural wonder, a true tale of the tape where survival is concerned, leave them paralytic. They are unable to prepare themselves for their next mouthwatering meal. In the process, being the communal creatures that they are, they pass the natural poison onto each other, sometimes infecting other colonies as well. Unable to move about naturally and eat, they eventually die out. Completely. It takes at least three months for the toxic effects of the organic poison, chlorantraniliprole, to wipe out an entire termite population from your home.

They say that home is where the heart is, and so it should be. But as far as termites go, they have no heart. Because to put it quite deadly, they are simply dead.